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There are 2 17.7.1 drivers?

Question asked by yoshimatsu414 on Jul 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by ray_m



I'm confused about the driver releases. I downloaded 17.7.1 drivers a few days ago and now today I've noticed that there are "new drivers" from yesterday but same driver version number and 100MBs more?.....


AMD what's going on? The release notes are the same but I'm confused. The 17.7.1 from a few days ago is randomly crashing my system when I come out of some games or apps (still smh). For example I'm playing back a video using that video player built into Windows 10 my PC will crash and restart and then WattMan says it had a problem, it also happened randomly when I quit out of Mass Effect Andromeda.


Was yesterday's 17.7.1 suppose to solve these types of problems of the drivers from a few days ago? Just kind of want to know what happened with this.


These driver problems are really starting to become annoying guys, like really....