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    AMD driver download is confusing



      please make it clear, i also downlaoded optional downloads,

      i installed amd minimal setup and successfully installed it. then, i installed amd chipset driver and raid experts ultility, but unfortunately my crimson software downgraded.

      please make a better driver packages, and better driver features, so people will love AMD

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          Uhh...does this confuse you?

          The one with the newest date is the newest one.

          Never install the 'minimal setup'...always use the full setup.

          The 'optional' download is not used that often...no need. But, the optional downloads are for AMD processors only.

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              i've just updated my windows 10 to version 1703, then i ran cinnebench r15 benchmark, unfortunately my score is 42fps, before updating 51fps.

              please make a newer amd driver update that is really support windows 10 version 1703 as well. And i think amd processor driver update must contain processor optimization, so i can play gta v with better fps in my laptop ( amd fx8800,radeon r9 385x,12gb ddr3)

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                  In your case there's not a huge variance in the FPS and it (the difference) can be attributed to other programs you may have running in the background - that may not have been running when you ran the previous benchmark. It could be a number of different scenarios really. GTA V is also a CPU intensive game - not much affected by those Radeon drivers.

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