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Multiple Monitor Setup

Question asked by sbb2 on Jul 14, 2017
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I have a customer who has recently installed Adobe Photoshop 2017 and isn't able to use it. Upon opening Photoshop the user is prompted with an error message, "3D features require a minimum of 512MB of vRAM. Photoshop has detected less than that on your system." He can't open any photos at all.



I figured that this was probably a result of his PC using his onboard Intel GPU as opposed to his R7 350X. Disabling the Intel GPU through device manager shuts off one of his three displays, but fixes the issue that he's having with Photoshop.



He has a Dell OptiPlex 7040 with two DP ports off of his motherboard and an AMD R7 350X that has one DP and one DVI port.



I updated his Intel GPU drivers, his BIOS, his chipset and installed the newest drivers for his AMD card. His BIOS has an option for "Multiple Displays" and "Primary Video Controller;" regardless of whether either are checked or unchecked it's the exact same issue.



Is there anyway that I can configure his setup to allow for all three displays (1080p Dell monitors) to work off of the AMD card or atleast one monitor work off of the AMD GPU?



Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!