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Artifacts and vertical lines on screen

Question asked by loyalopposition on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by bosleymw

Asus strix rx580 8g / ati sapphire x1650

Windows 10 Pro x64

Vizio 24" LED 1600x900 64hz hdmi

Dell LED 1280x1024 64hz dvi-d

AsRock x370 Killer sli bios ver 2.50

Ryzen 5 1600x

PSU: 800w bronze

Adata 16gb ddr4 (8x2)

So i bought a new pc. Booted it up and had artifacts on screen in bios and windows.



Figured i got a bad gpu so i rma'd the rx580.

I wanted to be able to use the pc while i waited for a new gpu so i picked up a ati sapphire x1650. Also having artifacts on screen with it.


With the rx580 whenever i tried installing drivers the screen would go black.

With this old x1650 i installed the legacy drivers for it but in device manager it shows microsoft basic display adapter.

Also a flag for "video controller"


I'm close to sending the whole system back.

Hopefully someone can help.