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Global Chill stays activated even after Driver and Game reinstall

Question asked by rohwetter on Jul 14, 2017
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I have a problem with the Global Chill Feature permanently beeing activatet in Fallout 4, but i want to deactivate it. (reasons at the end of the post).

I used the amd clean up utility tool to deinstall my drivers. Then i reinstalled the 17.4.4 Crimson Edition.

When i start Fallout 4 now - the Chill Feature stays activatet even if it is deactivatet in the Crimson tool.

You can see by fps dropping to 45 fps while standing still, or not moving the camera, but rising to 144fps while moving.


I even did reinstall Fallout 4 - but this wont change anything.

Can somebody help me please?


Reason why i want to turn it off:

I am running Fallout 4 on a 144hz FreeSync monitor.

The Freesync Range is from 73-144 FPS.

I always played with a Frame Rate Target Control of 80FPS so i never dropped out of the Sync-Range - and as for me 80fps is fine and smooth for Fallout 4.

Now the game drops out of the Sync range every few seconds - which is annoying to watch.


If you could adjust the Chill Feature so we can set the FPS drops to be in our FreeSync range - that would be great.


But please - help me with my problem.