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Saints Row IV crashes because of display driver amdkmdap

Question asked by ghostlygoat on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by kingfish

Hey Guys, i have an issue. I just got Saints Row IV some days ago, and since then, i have experienced problems with it. It always freezes, turns to a black screen so that i have to restart my pc for it to work again. I've looked into the Event Viewer and found the root of the problem, it happends when the display driver ''amdkmdap'' stops responding. Do you guys know any way to fix this? It only happens in Saints Row IV, never happened in any other game. I've alreay tried to reinstall my driver, also to the oldest one i could get, i tried changing settings in Saints Row, i've even gone as far as reinstalling Windows, nothing works :/. The card i'm using is the RX 580 from Sapphire.


Thanks in Advance.