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EPYC is too dang High!

Question asked by warsun on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by warsun

Yeah i`m complaining about the price.What ever happened to The average customer has around $150 to $300 dollars? Well here is the 12 core at $800 an the 16 at $999.

Dude.Seriously.What happened here? You know perfectly well Intel charges 3 times what a processor is worth.$999 is way way too much.An i know you guys are working on building up your money again an i am for that.But yeah i want to use the 16 core.


That is way way out of my price range.If i wouldn't pay $1000 for an Intel or Nvidia part.What the heck makes ya think id pay that much for an AMD part? Please consider lowering prices.If you are not selling a lot from the first 2 months.Please drop prices down by sales please.