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FreeSync rx480 LG 29UM68 only works after driver installation and before reboot

Question asked by schodmc on Jul 12, 2017
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I've a strange problem. I can not manage FreeSync with my rx480 to work fine. I switched on FreeSync in the settings of the Monitor as well as the Radeon settings. But I have a lot of tearing with VSync disabled inside the FreeSync range of my LG (40-75Hz). But if I install or reinstall the driver and won't reboot after the installation, FreeSync work's like a charm: VSync off, no Tearing between 40-75FPS - until I reboot my system. The only way to bringt FreeSync back is, to reinstall the driver again and to not reboot after the installation.


I tried nearly everything: Removed each Monitor-Setup, removed the driver, removed the second monitor - nothing works. Anyone has an idea?


Here my system specs:


CPU: Intel i7 4770, 3.4GHz


GPU: rx480 (MSI GamerX 8GB)

Sound: Creative SoundBlaster Z

Motherboard: Gigabyte B85M-D3PH

OS: Windows 10 Pro (Creators Update)

1st Monitor: LG 29UM68-P, connected using a DisplayPort cable

2nd Monitor: Eizo FS2333, connected using a HDMI cable (Well, I also remove that monitor, restarted my system with only the LG - makes no difference)

The latest drivers