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    HD 8650G + HD8970M on Windows 10


      I have a MSI GX70 3CC Destroyer with A10-5750M + HD 8650G and HD 8970M on a new installation of Windows 10 Creative Update.


      The Problem on this new installation it says that there are no drivers for the HD 8650G and the HD 8970M is not working because of an error. So I tried to install these three drivers:

      • Catalyst 15.7.1
      • Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta
      • Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta

      But with all these drivers Windows freezes after couple second when I login or when I started a game. Sometimes a Bluescreen Error shows up saying VIDEO SCHEDULER INTERNAL ERROR. Without these drivers Windows works fine and I can also start a game but it is very slow. Probably because of the weaker GPU.

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          These are the choices you have for AMD drivers for your laptop. Take your choice. It is the only graphics driver you install.


          I would uninstall the old drivers / reboot in to Safe Mode / run DDU / restart and install the new drivers / reboot .

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            I´ve run into same trouble. Everything worked just fine until I WAS FORCED (still pisses me off) to install that stupid Creators update. Although I´m pretty sure I turned off windows update for that very reason. As sakkaku13 wrote, I tried same drivers as he did, but without any result (drivers released specifically for Creators update don´t support those grafic cards). I also tried reinstall whole Windows, but that didn´t help either. Only solution I´ve found so far was return to Windows 7. I don´t think that installing older version of W10 would be a solution, since you´ll probably be forced to instal that update again. You may try to find and instal any older versions of that grafic drivers, I wasn´t patient enough to try that.


            If you or anyone come to the solution of this problem, I would really love to hear about it.

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              I had the exact same problem a while ago, with the exact same laptop. After a month of searching, sending service requests and experimenting, I found the solution myself. (Note that my English is not perfect).

              1. Disable Windows automatically updating AMD drivers (if not done already)
              2. remove drivers with DDU, restart laptop
              3. If not done already, download the drivers you want to install and extract them to an easy findable folder
              4. MANUALLY install drivers through Device manager ( right-click Windows logo, Device manager, right-click 8650m and 8970m, update driver, update manually and select correct AMD driver folder)
              5. perform windows updates MANUALLY via settings (this installs the latest driver, which is not compatible with 8650m. Note again that i had already disabled windows updating my AMD drivers before hand)
              6. via Device manager, manually roll back driver for 8970m to previous driver (which was the one I installed manually)
              7. restart laptop


              DO NOT restart laptop between steps 4 and 6, this will cause the freeze/BSOD


              Hope this can help you also!