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Driver issues since 17.4.2 only on Creators Update (1703) 580 and 290

Question asked by kylestilkey on Jul 12, 2017

Hey guys, this is an issue I've been experiencing since 17.4.2. I have created a thread over on Guru3D to see if anyone might be able to help and see what we can find but I will leave the link below for you guys to see what I've already tested and done.


Now what I believe is whatever AMD has done to support the new WDDM 2.2 standard in Windows 10 that came with the Creators Update (1703) and Insider Builds is causing these issues. 17.4.1 and all older drivers do not have this issue. The problem is the 580's first driver is 17.4.2 but Windows right now is downloading 17.1.1 from their drivers so I can use a much older driver and have no issues with performance and everything else listed in that thread but that driver doesn't really give me the performance gains I should be getting on this card.


Now the best part is running these same drivers on any other build of Windows 10 (1607 or older) doesn't experience the same problem which is why I believe it has something to do with WDDM 2.2 support. I'm not 100% sure but if anyone of you is able to help or anything more I can do to test and give any feedback needed let me know because I would really like to use my 580 as it was intended to be used.


Thank you.


No I won't be going back to build 1607 as that shouldn't be a fix for this problem, I've been reporting this issue since 17.4.2 with each driver and I'm looking to get this resolved or get some help into why this is happening.