My Radeon problems/solutions: no gamma/contrast settings, Radeon Settings are limited

Discussion created by gliin on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by ray_m

I'd like to start out by saying I went through the trouble of exchanging my recently purchased GeForce gpu in favor of Radeon. I call this trouble because I had quite the headache trying to get Nvidia to properly display on my setup. Theoretically it should have been fine, but realistically it just never displayed the way I needed it to.


With that said, I have been able to pretty much get the settings I want with this RX series gpu I traded for. However, Radeon Settings is very, very limited. I'm an artist who wanted a budget card since I can't afford a Pro card. A lot of us artists do like to game as well, and if Nvidia had worked for me I would have stuck with them, because, barring the problems I ran into, it was a great card, and I could have created some nice art with it as well -- if my setup liked it. Their control panel would almost make me switch back, if I didn't get what I wanted from Radeon. Radeon Settings control panel is counter-intuitive for me. I don't understand why Advanced Settings are under Preferences, when it affects the display. Please put this in Display Settings, where people will think to look first. Short & sweet can't be beat, and that's what I liked about Nvidia's control panel. It made finding every option I needed about 5x easier.


Since I had this problem and initially didn't think to run comparability mode first thing: Windows 8 Users should run it for Win7, and it'll install just fine. I think the driver was intended to work on 8, but just hasn't been patched. I did managed to find a Win8 beta, which I used to upgrade to the newer driver that was built for Win7... sounds complicated, but I wanted to make sure I was installing everything I needed.


For those wanting a simple fix to Gamma/Contrast, which Radeon Settings lacks, look up Gamma Panel on Major Geeks. It doesn't have individual monitor settings, but since my #2 is just for extra viewing, I wasn't too worried about it. I might look for something more customizable soon, but for now it's doing what I want.