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    Bottleneck (help)


      Hi all.

      I recently bought AMD R7 250 2 Gb Graphic card,And I thought I would solve the problem with FPS in CS GO,And in other games.


      PC specifications:


      CPU: Amd Athlon 64 x2 4400+ 2.30 ghz

      GPU: AMD R7 250 2 Gb GDDR5

      RAM : 4 GB


      When I bought a GPU mine fps in CS:GO is (15-20),My CPU is unable to deliver enough performance to match my GPU.

      So can you advise me about buying new CPU? My Socket is AM2, Do I buy a new motherboard with AM3+ Socket,and which one, or to buy CPU Only.

      I do not need a strong PC,Just to meet my needs,and those are ...That i can play CS:GO in 60+ fps and recording without lag.