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    1800x voltages during XFR



      I have a non-overclocked 1800x and I'm seeing some really high core voltages that I'm concerned about. Under high load, the core voltage regulates down to a reasonable ~1.28 or so. But under light load when XFR kicks in, I'm seeing voltages as high as 1.525 (see the highlighted row below).

      Since AMD does not recommend voltages that high for the chip, I am concerned that this spiking is too high; my CPU spends more time idle than it does under heavy load, so the chip is spending more time under heavy voltages.

      Is this normal or is something wrong here?




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          for me it's exactly the same...

          1700X XFR Voltage

          Time AMD gives an answer!

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            You should be using your motherboard's voltage monitoring program.

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                I do not have AI Suite installed. But Ryzen Master is showing the same voltages. I'm certain that there is no error in that sensor reading.

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                    Looks like ryzen is doing its job well, you must have good cooling. it has adapted to your cooling configuratoin pretty good 4.1ghz and voltage good and still nice and cool. i guess if you dont like auto xfr that you wanted , you will need to setup your pc the way you want it.


                    sticking in parts and plugging in a computer isnt a finished pc. its still on setup mode. unless you like the ryzen adaptive technology you are seeing which is quite fine and working as intended. its your choice of 5 ways to setup ryzen.


                    its good you dont have ai suite installed using software or windows to run your mobo to run your windows which makes no sense. so thats good. i dont see it going over the 1.55 max . those 1 milli second spikes are normal in 1 and 2 core spikes.

                    if you need assistance setting up your cpu to run more even using more power refer to manual or we could give some pointers. but as it is , it is running at its most efficient mode.