Stuttering issues with new GPU

Discussion created by socom on Jul 11, 2017

Asus RX 470

Windows 10 64bit

Drivers- 17.7.1



Evga W1 500watt

8GB Ram

Sony TV

Gateway monitor (doesnt matter, happens on all 3)


Ive been having stuttering issues lately, in pretty much every single game out there, some games are "ok", and some games have massive unplayable stuttering

also im not sure why but some games have this issue where it looks like the gpu "skips"  a certain spot of the screen when i pass it, someone told me it was because my monitor/ TV doesnt have freesync, but come on now, if i seriously have to buy a freesync monitor just to play some game with my family at the TV, i might as well put my gtx 750ti back in, and dump this rx470.


Heres a quick example of one game stuttering-

Asus RX 470 Stuttering - YouTube


I have literarily wasted hours and days trying to find a fix, i already tried everything, but nothing works.