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    b2 error r9 290


      Good night community, my problem basically consists of my board showing a b2 code error and it is related to the video card, it does not let start or enter the BIOS of the pc ... I do not know what other information is needed for the subject to be Totally clear ... I'm new to this, thank you very much.


      my configuration is:


      Processor: Intel Core i7 4970k ~ 4.0GHz

      Memory:Corsair Vengance (16GB - 1600Mhz)

      Hard Drive:1,75 TB + 128 GB SSD SanDisk

      Video Card: XFX AMD R9 290

      Monitor: LG 25" IPS Ultraview (21:9)

      Speakers Headphones:Logitech G230

      Keyboard: E-Element Z88 Mechanical Keyboard RGB

      Mouse:Genius R.A.T 7 6400DPI / Wacon Bamboo Tablet

      Mouse Surface:Trust Gaming Large

      Operation System:Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

      Motherboard: MSI Gaming 5