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    Ryzen 1600X weird issue


      Hi guys, I've been having a really weird issue with my new build (1600X + Gigabyte Gaming 3). When i try to overclock, the default is 1.38V and when i try to undervolt it through offset, it always boots with 1.38v. I have to put the computer to sleep and then it applies the overclock. Also, the computer wont even post under 1.344v. please help

      Motherboard: Gigabyte Gaming 3 CPU: Ryzen 1600X RAM: EVGA Super SC 16GB

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          Ryzen runs at higher voltages than I was used to coming from a blue chip.  W/ the blue, 1.35v was my oc'd voltage.  With Ryzen, 1.35 is the average (roughly) load voltage.  With overclocking, don't be shocked to go into the 1.40-1.47 range.


          Hope this helps.