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    Current version Ryzen Master can't read AGESA's new memory profile


      First,My PC specification is:

      CPU:AMD Ryzen7 1700X

      MB:MSI X370 GAMING PRO CARBON(BIOS version is 1.7:Supported AGESA

      Memory:Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16(Chip Manufauturer is SK Hynix,SPD=2133,SS,Supported DDR4-3200 by XMP2.0)


      I configured this memory setting as DDR4-2800 18-18-18-38 CR=1T 1.35V,

      but Ryzen Master(Current version:updated 2017/3/31)recognize this setting as DDR4-2933.


      Probably,Ryzen Master can't read AGESA's new memory profile cause of Ryzen Master's latest update is too far.

      I think AMD will certainly update Ryzen Master for AGESA and perhaps...for Ryzen ThreadRipper.