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Pretty sure my gpu is causing my pc to crash

Question asked by mrinisami on Jul 10, 2017

Ok, so here it is : A day ago, I was playing cs and my pc half crashed (peripherals, including the monitor, were dead but the fans were still going strong). At first, I thought it was a psu issue but it isnt, then i thought maybe it was the new windows 10 update so I reformatted, i still get the same issue. I checked my memory and the motherboard, everything seems fine. When i unplugg the gpu, I dont seem to have this issue so I'm guessing the gpu is the problem. I have a r9 280x. My drivers are up to date, I did do clean installations. Here's one more fact : after the reformat, I tried going on the internet to get my drivers and the pc crashed. Then I unplugged the gpu, went on the internet and i had no issue. I then installed the gpu drivers, rebooted, plugged my gpu and I now had access to internet. Does anyone have an idea ?


amd r9 280x

desktop on windows 10 64 bit

17.6.2 crimson

SAMSUNG SA700 120 hz (DVI)

MSI z87 g45 bios version 1.5 (there's an update out there for it, i might try it)

i5 4670k

MODx stream PRO 700W

12 gb ram