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Where to buy an EPYC 7551P?

Question asked by daylediamond on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by daylediamond

Have a relative that says they're open to make a significant contribution to either IBM's World Community Grid.
As the Grid is CPU bound they would need plenty of CPU cores, some RAM, and just about no other server-grade features.


From the slideshows I've seen, epycs that fit in dual sockets will cost twice as much (or are they simply including the cost of two epycs?)

So the (relatively) cheapest motherboard with a single Epyc socket will do?


I told them I'd check to see what that would cost, but uh, I can't see the processor sold by itself anywhere.
The AMD store is still selling old Opterons, and the partner companies don't have prices.


Do I have any options other than just waiting?


Thanks in advance!