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    Wattman crash rx 460


      When i am playing games for a couple of hours ( Actually WoW) Mi screen freezes an turns black for 5 seconds  and come back, so i can keep playing. By the way, a Wattman notification appears telling me that Wattman settings has been restored. I tried with a couple of drivers with no results, hope someone can help me. ( Sorry for my poor english)

      My specs:

      PSU: Thermaltake Smart 650 w Bronze

      GPU: Gygabite rx 460 4gb

      MOBO: Biostar H61MGV3

      8 GB RAM

      Intel i5 2310

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          What OS?
          What driver version?
          What games?


          The Wattman issue means your game crashed and when it resumed it restarted Wattman.

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              *Mi PC its using Windows 10 (all updates)

              * Drive: Crimson 16.10.2 ( came on de CD). I tried too with some drivers like 17.xx.xxx with no results.

              * Crashes on World of Warcraft, Rise of the Tom Raider

              Those crashes appears when i have a couple of hours playing ( like 2 per day)

              Hope someone can help Me, Sorry for my poor english