BF1, AMD Performance Fix Win 10,R9 295x2 , RX 480

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Junk Needed

TCP Optimizer


Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.3

AMD Driver

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V17.0.6.9



How To Make It Run Smoother

17.6.2 is very buggy in Windows 10 Complete Performance kill in BF1.


Step 1. DDU - safe mode - options remove amd folder - clean and restart

Step 2. Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.3 - Locate on amd driver page - install - restart (if win 10 beats you to it and installs drivers use DDU)

Step 3. TCP Optimizer - Run as Admin - click optimal bottom left - top drag bandwith slider to match your internet speed - click apply - wait click restart

Step 4.(((Copyed From The Following url SG :: Wireless Network Speed Tweaks

Tweak network adapter settings

Understanding and tweaking some of the network adapter advanced settings can make a noticeable difference in your connection quality, both in a good and in a bad way.

In general:

Turn on "Checksum offload"
Disable most other TCP "offloads", such as "Large Send Offload (LSO)"
Disable Flow Control
Disable Inter-frame spacing
Try increasing Receive/Send Buffers on fast connections (if available, Intel adapter drivers usually have it under adapter properties -> Advanced -> Performance Options, look for "Receive Buffers" and "Transmit Buffers", default is 256, you can try increasing up to 512 on systems with plenty of RAM to spare).


Step 5. (((Copyed From The Following url SG :: Network Adapter Optimization

Disable unnecessary network protocols: under the Network Adapter Properties dialog, you can find a list of protocols currently in use. Each additional network client, service or protocol places additional overhead on system resources, and may introduce unnecessary network bindings and traffic. In many cases, only the following components are required for a standard TCP/IP based network:
- Client for Microsoft Networks - allows a computer to access resources on the MS network
- File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks - necessary to share local folders
- Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) - necessary logical connection between network devices, superseded by the newer IPv6

These other services can usually be safely disabled without affecting connectivity:
- QoS Packet Scheduler - Quality of Service packet scheduler designed to control and prioritize IP traffic for various network services as a method of bandwidth management.
- Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol - kernel mode driver used for network card bonding.
- Microsoft LLDP Protocol Driver - Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a protocol for network devices to advertise their identity and neighbors, used for a network map.
- Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder - kernel mode driver responsible for displaying the computer on a network map.
- Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver - used to discover other networked devices on a network map, and determine network bandwidth.
- Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) - latest revision of the Internet Protocol (IP), extending the v4 IP address limitation.

Step 6. Remove User.cfg made performance Worse.

Step 7 Readeon settings will have two profiles the one that links to bf1 not origin disable frame pacing and crossfire for r9 295x2.

Step 7.1 Disable Network Adapter power saving features

Step 8 Load The Game, ultra Preset, Dx 11, vertical sync on, Motion Blur 0% Ads Field of View off


Rx 480 can skip step 7


The Radeon settings (Software) is abit glitched and dose sometimes crash if you try opening but the drivers are solid and works great even if it dose.


Tested on Ryzen Build with r9 295x2

Make Fps icon never show

Tested on am3+ Build with rx 480

Make so smooth


Both Where Tested With fps limter at 200 , gpu Memery Restricton on but i found them to not make a difference.

Set mine to 60 gpu Memery Restricton on/off Still smooth.