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I need benchmark of Gaussian 16 on Ryzen.

Question asked by idtwar on Jul 10, 2017
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I am planning to set up PC for Gaussian 16.

Gaussian 16 is computational chemistry program, which is a commercial licence.

I found performance of Ryzen 7 1800x is comparable to that of Intel Core i7-6900K, but the price of Ryzen is almost half of Intel. I can save my budget when using Ryzen. The thing is  Ryzen (AMD) is actually compatible with Gaussian 16 software and also I want to know it's performance compared to Intel CPU. (Especially, the performance of AVX 2.0)  I need benchmark between Ryzen 7. Otherwise at least I want only to know about Ryzen 7 is compatible with Gaussian 16 in Linux system.
So I already contacted Gaussian 16. They can license Gaussian 16 to vendor(AMD) for benchmarks.
If AMD can run this benchmark, it's gonna be really helpful for many computational scientists, using Gaussian 16.
Thank you.