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    PC shutting down while playing games or running GPU stress tests


      Like the title says. When I'm gaming my pc shuts down, sometimes when I just started a game, and sometimes it happens after 5-10 minutes. It seems to be getting worse by the day. My screen will go black all of a sudden(sometimes other colors like grey or blue), my pc will act like it has shut down but the fans keep running so I have to hold the power button to reboot.

      I've tried every stress test, but my pc only shuts down when I run a GPU stress test.


      This PC was build a week ago, and all the parts are new.


      It started happening with only Rocket League, but now it happens during playing Overwatch too.



      CPU: AMD ryzen 5 1500x

      PSU: Be quiet! Pure Power 10 500W

      GPU: AMD rx 570

      Motherboard: ASUS PRIME A320M-K

      RAM: 16gb DDR4


      The temperatures never go above 61 degrees C, so it's not a heat issue.

      All the drivers have been installed properly, checked multiple times.


      I could really use some help here, anyone got an idea what it might be?


      Thanks in advance.