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r7 1700 build - Errors with Prime95 and softwarecrashes

Question asked by jobi on Jul 9, 2017
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I habe a problem with my new pc.

About 2 weeks ago i assembled my new pc. (specs at the end)

Everything seems to work fine, except the ecc corrections seems to be not working. But maybe that is not relevant in that problem?


4 days ago windows got stuck (freeze). I thought it might be a temporary Windows (10) problem. But then Firefox and Thunderbird crashed.

There were some Windows events: Critical Process died, attempted write to readonly memory, IRQL not less or equal.


I started prime95 and it also reported some errors

-> Fatal error: roundin was 0.5, expedted less than 0.4


I thought i got a faulty ram. But then i tested it with memtest86+ and everything worked fine. (except the missing Chipset and Memory information - 'unknown')


My current configuration:

- AMD Ryzen 7 1700

- Gigabyte Aorus GA-AX370-Gaming K5
  newest bios, everything at default except SMT enabled

- 2x Kingston ValueRAM DIMM 16GB, DDR4-2400, CL17-17-17-32, ECC

- be quiet! Pure Power 10-CM 500W ATX 2.4

- Samsung SSD 850 EVO

- some old ATI 5850

- Win 10 Pro


What could be the problem with my current pc?

The ram does not seem to be the problem.


Maybe the RAM?

It should run with 17-17-17-32 but cpu-z is showing 17-17-17-39? That is even a slower timing. And why then it crashes?


Thank you for your help.