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1700X XFR Voltage

Question asked by randa71 on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by hardcoregames™

Hi all,

i have a simple question: i have hwinfo running and i see voltage spikes of 1.570 for vcore and 1.544 for SVI2 TFN CPU. I know that spikes are caused by XFR, but are they safe for my CPU? In bios voltages are all set to Auto. Cpu is 1700X with Asus Crosshair VI Hero. I have only set Sense Mi Skew -->disabled, because with last bios release (1403) if i leave Sense MI Skew to Auto, CPU temp shown is wrong: 10°.

I wanna know in AMD forum if these voltages are safe and correct for my cpu..this voltages are applied directly from my motherboard...

Thanks a lot