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    Blank windows AMD R5 240


      Hi everyone,


      i'm having problems with two SW, Whatsapp on pc and GOG Galaxy: the first one appears as a white window, the second as a black one, but i can see that buttons and links are there because the arrow changes into the hand over some points, so the applications themself works but they don't have graphics. I started having issues when i had driver problems some months ago, had conflicts with some driver updates.


      If you need more infos just ask!

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            Deeply sorry, i didn't realize i was in a hurry.


            Acer Laptop Aspire Series E

            OS W10 x64

            Driver Crimson ReLive 17.4.4

            Resolution 1366x768 @60Hz

            APU AMD A6 6310

            RAM 4GB



            That's pretty much it. In this case here's the Whatsapp window, i can actually minimize, maximize or close it if i click in the right spots even if the buttons are not showed. Every other sw is working fine except for this and GOG Galaxy, but still i need to fix it to avoid any issue with the softwares i currently work with.


            As said before they worked just fine when i uninstalled the AMD Drivers, so there has to be some kind of incompatibility with them, but i didn't understood at which point.

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                You are using the correct driver...so that's not a issue.

                Did you 'clean install' it using DDU in Safe Mode?

                Try this ...open a command prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR....type /copy/paste   sfc /scannow  and let it check for/repair system file corruption. If some are found which could not be repaired...run this > Fix SFC /scannow errors that were not repaired

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                    I run the /scannow command but it didn't find any integrity violation :/

                    I used the official AMD cleanup utility first, then rebooted, uninstalled Whatsapp and GOG, cleaned any related folder through internet instructions and GOG help desk, rebooted, a ccleaner cycle both in applications and register, and then rebooted a last time, i guess it's the cleanest we can do aside from formatting.


                    I'll try using the DDU later today and i'll let you know!