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Ryzen 1700 voltage question

Question asked by w0lverine on Jul 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2017 by paparola

Ryzen 1700 CPU

ASUS prime x370 pro motherboard, latest BIOS (805), default settings


With default settings in BIOS my Ryzen 1700 CPU draws approximately 1.35 V in single threaded operation.  This is easily observable in the BIOS, i.e. I do not even need to boot into an operating system (photo attached).  I can boot into my OS (Linux 4.11.7 kernel) and confirm that when a single-threaded application is running the CPU draws 1.35 V.  Presumably this is a single core utilizing turbo/CPB to run at 3.75 MHz, but should it draw 1.35 V?  That seems high.  I can manually set the clock speed to 3.7 MHz and the CPU will draw significantly less (~1.22 V) on a single-threaded operation.


This shouldn't be a BIOS issue as under defaults the CPU should be running with its pre-programmed settings for clock speed and voltage.  I'm hoping someone can tell me whether this is expected behavior (should be easy to reproduce), as otherwise I'm concerned my CPU may have a problem.