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R9 270x Black Screen While Browsing Unstable Since - Win 7

Question asked by ziyous on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2017 by ziyous

hello guys

today i was browsing the net like usual


then  sudenly my screen turned black


i freaked out

i went to safe mode used ddu to unistal my amd driver


then i restarted my pc and it worked just fine


then i went to instal a new amd driver


but then after restarting my pc after the instalation was finished


after the windows loading flag


it just turned black


i tried many drivers 


i even formated my pc 


and instaled another driver again and the same thing happend


now my pc only works when im not using any driver


r9 270x windows 7 64 bit


sory for my bad english


help plz thank you


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