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    390x screen freeze


      Hello all. since updating my gpu drivers, my sapphire 390x tri-x gives me screen freezes especially when watching videos using HPC-HC, but also tried quicktime and same issue.

      - with drivers 17.4.4, the screen freezes, then it shows black screen and sometimes the screen shuts down, the system then recovers only to repeat the issue later

      - with drivers 17.2.1 the screen freezes but it doesn't show black screen and it doesn't shut down, the system recovers and shows this in the event viewer : amdkmdap stopped responding (event 4101 display driver)

      - drivers are the ones i was using and function properly i tried uninstalling using control panel and DDU from safe mode. and the results are the same with the the three drivers i also tried disabling Pci express link state power management and same problem.

      GPU: sapphire 390x tri-x non overclocked.

      CPU: I5 4690k non overclocked.

      Motherboard: Asus maximus VII Ranger

      RAM: 2 x 4g 1600 gskill ripjaws and 2 x 8g adata xpg 1866. xmp 1600

      PSU: cooler master v1200

      Windows 10 anniversary update

      Thanks in advance.

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          Please try updating to Crimson 17.7.1.

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            Disable hardware acceleration in your browser(s).

            Screenshot_2 (4).png

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              thanks for the replies.

              I already disabled the hardware acceleration in chrome with no effect.

              i clean install windows 10 creator update, with drivers 17.2.1 i was still getting crashes with MPC-HC but since changing MPC-HC renderer to madVR with directx 11 enabled, i did not get any crash, i also ran a furmark opengl benchmark for 15 minutes and Aida64 Gpu stress test for 15 minutes with no crashes, i have not yet installed any game to know if it causes crashes not tested quicktime, but so far so good.

              if amd could check why MPC-HC with default parameters causes crashes that would be great.

              i will try soon try 17.7.1.

              thanks again