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Display Driver Stopped Responding....MSI R9 380 4G

Question asked by nihl on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by ray_m

Hello Everyone, sorry for not shaving myself for first post.


Problem is quite stabilized by cheeky tweaks. But its still a problem what should not have place.


So My MSI R9 380 Gaming 4g gives me cherish love letters "Display driver stopped responding, but has now recovered"
Errors from games gives me more clue. Civ 5 error contains string "Graphic_device_removed". Error from Space Engineers says "Graphic_adapter_restart"
Problem occurred from moment I'd installed Crimson Driver 17.1.2. Any more recent versions making things worst. rollback to older version fix everything... or maybe, ill be more specific. It not occurs when drivers do not have Wattman, but old, good Overdrive. Main problem was Wattman constantly crashing for no reason, In 2d windows mode,or In 3d. Always it was error listed above.
It ended that i could get kick to windows from game or quick black screen in windows while using browser even every minute. Always is this particular error.


I managed to find partly working workaround, installing only core driver files, without any AMD control center or related software. Just driver's dll files. And setting up full control over graphic card to RTSS and MSI Afterburner. Now i get only ONE crash with "display driver not responding" due full time from power up PC to turn it off. It happens in pattern, always when i launching game, or more specific, when graphic card switch from 2d to 3d mode first time after boot.


Workaround with full control passed on Afterburner was also required, because with Driver-included software and wattman, my GFX fans stuck on 600rpm, making my MSI with TWINFROZR cooling system, reaching 80+ degree C, and finally crashing.


Is there any idea how to eliminate problem? Workaround helped to control when it occurs, yet still its pretty much annoying.Workaround stop being useful in more recent driver versions, is most effective in 17.1.2, and this is my current driver version.


My PC spec:
Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate build 7600 + Service Pack 1
AMD FX 8320 OCed from 3.5 to 4.2 (stress temperature no higher than 65 degree C)
Goodram Play silver DDR3 1866mhz CL9 8 GB (2x4GB)
ASRock 970 Extreme 4 Mobo
GFX listed above
OS on Kingston v300 120Gb Sata3 (this bad one)
rest on SEAGATE Barracuda ST3, Sata3, cache 64mb, 7200RPM
PSU OCZ Modxtream PRO 700 Bronze 80.


Thanks for all help, cheers.