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    Has My GPU Become Faulty? R9 290x Display Driver Crash


      My Radeon 290x card has lately (actually quite a long time) has had issues and lately it (or driver) has crashed and this msg Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered. has been appeared on event log.


      Doubt there's much to do so I guess I need to buy new graphic card.


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            Card: Radeon 290x (not overclocked)


            Type: Desktop


            OS: Win10 64bit


            Driver: 17.6.2


            Display: DELL U2713H with mini displayport-cable with 60Hz


            Motherboard and Bios: Gigabyte Z87X-D3H and F9 (latest from Gigabyte)


            CPU: Intel Corei7 4770k (not overclocked either)


            PSU: Corsair CX650M 650W 80+ Bronze


            RAM: 8GB


            Main issue is described above and secondary issue is that graphics are broken in Need For Speed Hor Pursuit 2 (pics attached).


            EDIT: I sent most of that info via form in stickied thread to email you don't moderate anymore.

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                You could try a previous driver, but you say this has been going on for a long time. Have you tried the card in a different computer?

                To rule out drivers, clean install these drivers using DDU...if they don't work none will (IMO) > Detail

                Delete the contents of the C:/AMD folder..all of them.

                Take the steps necessary to prevent/delay Microsoft from automatically installing graphics drivers ..one of these methods > Windows 10 Forums

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                    Seems that its driver incompability issue between game (, win 10) and card since after upgrading to 18.4.1 Adrenalin Edition tracks became partially/mostly grey fog while cars had only some greyness in them but in 18.2.1 Adr Ed game behaves same as it did with 17.x (as shown in those attachments).


                    can't test card with win 7 in other computer cause card doesn't fit to to chassis and no spare harddisk to to test it in current chassis.