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RX480 Monitor Wake Up After Idle Problem (Unresolved for ages)

Question asked by appiah4 on Jul 5, 2017

This issue has been ongoing for forever; it has been around since at leat 16.1 IIRC.


When: Computer turns off the display and keeps it turned off for a fair bit (but does not go to sleep, Sleep is disabled as I need the PC on 24/7 so Sleep is disabled)

Symptoms: One of

a) Using the mouse or keyboard results in apparent response from the system (HDD lights flicker etc.) but the monitor receives no input

b) The system locks up and requires a hard reset, but there is nothing in the Windows logs to suggest a driver failure or anything



Sapphire RX 480 8GB (Reference), not overclocked but slightly downvolted

AMD FX-8300 (slight OC to 4GHz)

ASUS M5A97 R2.0 (Latest BIOS)



Sirtech 500W PSU (7-years old, and my only other possible culprit)

TP-Link WN-821N USB Wi-Fi

Windows 7 Ultimate N 64-bit


Latest driver version that exhibits this issue 17.6.2


I am almost about to take the plunge and buy a 700W PSU just to make sure it's not a PSU thing.  I'd appreciate if anyone who has similar issues can report, or share workarounds.  I'd also appreciate if AMD could look into this and offer at least an explanation about what might be going on.