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WX 5100  W10-64 higher idle temperature @ 61-62 deg C

Question asked by khideyoshi on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by khideyoshi

Dear Support,

I noticed something rather abnormal on the WX5100 as follow:


First time boot W10 login, run ~ 56 degree C

then it steadily rises up to 62 deg C then hovering about 60/61 Deg C @ idle.


Can you please verify if there is driver issues related to the WX5100 60 - 62 degree C (139-142F) idle temperature after 1 hour low load / idle system run?

Older PC running i3 3250 W7 64 ran @ 54-57 degree C during system idle and stays at these 54-57C range.


I have attached some system information & speccy capture for your analysis.


Should you need any other information, do let me know.


Thank you