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ReLive not working on RX480

Question asked by hazm@ on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by hazm@

     I bought my RX480 a few months ago to get away from Nvidia and with the presumption that AMD finally has a competitor to Shadowplay, but it seems quite a few people can't get it to work and I'm in that boat. I've had it work for a New York minute on a handful of random games but I can never recreate that successful scenario. After trying everything I've found on the internet on the subject I'm honestly quite annoyed that AMD/Radeon hasn't said anything about it. I'd like to try using older drivers but I don't know how far back ReLive goes.


My specs:

-Asus RX480 (8GB Strix)

-Ryzen 1600 @3.8

-16GB DDR4 @2666

-Asrock AB350 Gaming K4

-Main drive is an SSD and recording drive is a WD Black


-Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.6.2 [Although I've had the problem since whatever drivers were available a few months ago]

-2x Asus 1080p(60hz) monitors, 1 via HDMI and one via DVI

-All powered by a 750w Corsair PS


     My main symptoms are a flickering HUD and icon in whatever corner I set it to, but hitting whatever hotkeys I've set will usually make it go away after some stuttering. I managed to get it to record Hitman™ for a couple minutes after recording the desktop but two minutes in the video turns into a very slow slideshow. Also recording the desktop is usually fine, though using that as a workaround for games rarely works.


I've tried ReLive on:


-Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

-Civilization V & VI


-Spin Tires

-Dying Light

-Dishonored 2

-Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

-Company of Heroes 2

-Watch Dogs 2

-Doom [2016]


-Battlefield 1

-Fallout 4


     Every time I get the same experience; a flickering HUD/icon upon starting the game with it vanishing once I hit a hotkey. Xbox DVR and Hyper V are disabled, and the hard drive I'm recording to is fast enough for said recording [I've used it with OBS and Shadowplay before]. I really want to get this to work because I don't want to use the clunky and buggy OBS, and other options like Action! are cheap and unreliable.