Open Source Windows Driver

Discussion created by fantesy on Jul 3, 2017
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Dear AMD,



Development of your windows driver is very slow, mostly supporting new games and fixing the problems you cause, instead of fixing major bugs that have existed for years. However you have a very dedicated community that would be willing to help make your driver the best it can. If you open sourced your driver and uploaded it to Github, and especially if you unified it with your linux driver (amdgpu), you could take full advantage of the open source community. Instead of supporting new games, the game developers could add support themselves, allowing you to focus on supporting the hardware. You would finally reach the OpenGL 4.5 specification, and small developers and experienced users would stop complaining on your forums because they could just build, use and distribute their own; and if that is what you are afraid of, people distributing malware with your drivers, they already do. You should tell people to get the diver from you, just as i am not saying you should open source your professional drivers(firepro). You say you support open source software with things like GPUOpen and that you support your users with things like Ryzen and Vega, but the best way to support both of these is to make your windows driver open source.