My Ryzen 7 1700X mITX Sweet Spot

Discussion created by xobeloot on Jul 2, 2017
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As many of you know, I have been testing, tweaking, overclocking, underclocking, sideclocking, potatoclocking and so on for DAYS now.  I think I have found the ultimate sweet spot for this chip in power to performance.


Sweet Spot.JPG


Will get more shots of the Biostar Racing Bios settings if anybody is interested.


I love having my Ryzen in an ITX build, but good grief!  The biostar bios are a nightmare.  The mITX version has a fraction of the available settings that the GT3, GT5 and GT7 have.  I guess this is to limit us due to it only having a 4+2 power phase w/ a 4-pin power connector.


I think i'm happy!  Yep!  Now I just need them to release the bios so I can get my memory running at 3200!