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    My Ryzen 7 1700X mITX Sweet Spot


      As many of you know, I have been testing, tweaking, overclocking, underclocking, sideclocking, potatoclocking and so on for DAYS now.  I think I have found the ultimate sweet spot for this chip in power to performance.


      Sweet Spot.JPG


      Will get more shots of the Biostar Racing Bios settings if anybody is interested.


      I love having my Ryzen in an ITX build, but good grief!  The biostar bios are a nightmare.  The mITX version has a fraction of the available settings that the GT3, GT5 and GT7 have.  I guess this is to limit us due to it only having a 4+2 power phase w/ a 4-pin power connector.


      I think i'm happy!  Yep!  Now I just need them to release the bios so I can get my memory running at 3200!

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          That's not bad at all for being pre-! I've noticed a huge jump from similar numbers to high 1700's when I was able to jump to 3200MHz.


          Does the Biostar have a screenshot utility as well? It would be nice to see a Biostar write up/walk-through.

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              whiskey-foxtrot Yes, it does have a screenshot feature.  They eliminated pstate OC ability in the (released today).  Everything is BCLK and freq.  Problem now is that there still isn't a specific voltage where you can key it in.  It is all in 0.020v offset increments (and it frankly doesn't work all that well).  There is also still no LLC.  I can, however, now apply the XMP to my memory to 3200


              Another main issue is that in order to get a solid OC number, you leave the core freq to auto and plug in the BCLK.  Great?  NO!  the machine randomly bumps core freq up past 100 causing the memory to go past 3200...  This, in turn, causes the system to puke out it's CMOS.


              I am playing with it to find the sweet spot for core speed, core voltage and memory stable at (at least) it's rated speed of 3200.


              If and when I achieve this, i'll do a layout on it.

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              I certainly haven't seen high 1700's, but I have found my new sweet spot after roughly 24hr of causing CMOS to puke, system crashes, and general psychotic rage on my part from endless crashes!  I'll put together a response here w/ pics soon.