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    NieR:Automata, Freesync issue


      First, I want to say Freesync is working in NieR Automata! I tried it with and without fullscreen mode, it is day and night. In fullscreen mode, Freesync is activated and the smoothness is absolutely noticeable. If I turn off Freesync, I can see stuttering in fullscreen.


      My issue is that tearing is heavily loaded in 1920x1080 resolution with Freesync on. It should not be the case since Freesync is supposed to remove tearing in the Freesync range. For now, I have to turn on VSync but it adds noticeable input lag. It's of course still playable but it would be much better without VSync.

      I tried VSR in 1440p and it reduces drastically the tearing but some remains and pops occasionnally.


      My system is
      Windows 10 64bit last update
      R9 290 tri-x
      Samsung 27" C27F390
      Freesync range is 40-72
      My average fps is 55.


      NieR:Automata in fullscreen mode, 1440p (vsr), vsync on.

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          I've found it! There is no Freesync issue. The game engine forces the monitor to display  at 1920x1200 @59Hz. I wrote a tool in c++ showing me realtime resolution and vertical frequency of active monitors to find this.


          What is more nasty is that the game engine is locked at 60 FPS! Dropping the vertical frequency down to 59Hz makes my freesync range lowered to 40-59Hz. Since in 1080p my R9 290 can produce a solid 60fps, Freesync is obviously out of range and tearing was inevitable.

          I used the 'Frame Rate Target Control' in the Radeon Settings and set it 59. Miracle, tearing is gone and I can fully enjoy the game with Freesync working as it should be.


          One annoying thing is Nier Automata profile in settings doesn't work. I have to use the global FRTC to limit my fps. It would be nice to fix this since I play other games at 72Hz.

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            One more thing, I tried RivaTuner Statistics Server from MSI Afterburner to limit fps. It works but some tearing pops in the bottom of the screen. I can see this in all my games.


            So FRTC > RTSS when you use Freesync.