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Are you sure VEGA frontier will work better with maya than titan xp or 1080ti ?

Question asked by waltersulivan on Jul 2, 2017
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Hi !

Most of all don't like when something happens in PC gear industry without in depth data regarding what we will get if we purchase that piece of hardware.

Now AMD VEGA Frontier edition , semi pro/gaming stuff . I would call it "brainteaser edition"


If it's more pro  than gaming , why don't have AMD benchmaked 3d max and maya viewport performance ?


here is the line from GPU specification:


"Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition delivers up to 172% faster performance in Maya 2017 GPU tests than NVIDIA GeForce Titan Xp"


it's good that you gave us that number , but again... you tested what ? maya has lots of different branches computable on GPU

if you tested GPU "AMD pro render" OpenCL  with maya tell us that way:


"Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition delivers up to 172% faster performance in Maya 2017 with "pro render" over titan xp"


if you tested viewport performance give us some video at least , even images would do the trick


I have my eyes on it , but I'm not sure it will work better in maya viewport performance than titan xp , you need to prove it if you want people to buy your hardware

now we have nothing but text . plus that rumors about drivers are disaster , no one knows what kind of drivers you're going to write , it will be optimized for games? or softwares ?

if softwares , which softwares? because CAD oriented softs have different workload on GPUs than Maya or 3d max .


Somebody maybe can do amazing job and test that GPU with Maya and show us what it is capable over comparable GTXs .

Or maybe someone from AMD can compare that Vega Frontier to P5000 if AMD says it's for softwares , do that in depth comparison, prove that this GPU at least  can compete with P5000, with maya/3dmax