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    Are you sure VEGA frontier will work better with maya than titan xp or 1080ti ?


      Hi !

      Most of all don't like when something happens in PC gear industry without in depth data regarding what we will get if we purchase that piece of hardware.

      Now AMD VEGA Frontier edition , semi pro/gaming stuff . I would call it "brainteaser edition"


      If it's more pro  than gaming , why don't have AMD benchmaked 3d max and maya viewport performance ?


      here is the line from GPU specification:


      "Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition delivers up to 172% faster performance in Maya 2017 GPU tests than NVIDIA GeForce Titan Xp"


      it's good that you gave us that number , but again... you tested what ? maya has lots of different branches computable on GPU

      if you tested GPU "AMD pro render" OpenCL  with maya tell us that way:


      "Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition delivers up to 172% faster performance in Maya 2017 with "pro render" over titan xp"


      if you tested viewport performance give us some video at least , even images would do the trick


      I have my eyes on it , but I'm not sure it will work better in maya viewport performance than titan xp , you need to prove it if you want people to buy your hardware

      now we have nothing but text . plus that rumors about drivers are disaster , no one knows what kind of drivers you're going to write , it will be optimized for games? or softwares ?

      if softwares , which softwares? because CAD oriented softs have different workload on GPUs than Maya or 3d max .


      Somebody maybe can do amazing job and test that GPU with Maya and show us what it is capable over comparable GTXs .

      Or maybe someone from AMD can compare that Vega Frontier to P5000 if AMD says it's for softwares , do that in depth comparison, prove that this GPU at least  can compete with P5000, with maya/3dmax

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          Other reputable sites are currently doing other benchmarks now. I suggest you go to them instead of asking a question here which nobody can answer, or provide a reliable result for.


          AMD Vega: Frontier Edition Review & In-Depth Benchmark | GamersNexus - Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks



          vega fe 3dsmax 05

          vega fe maya

          vega fe creo

          vega fe catia

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            just a quick note: 16gb rendering memory, 4 processors, 4096 processing streams, think of it like 2 nitro fury x's smashed into 1 gpu and add 8gb more memory plus new tweaks and tech tid bits. 3 times as many teraflops as fury x.

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                I know those numbers but , Again when AMD debuted first Ryzen CPU, they had done every step to compare it with comparable Intels

                AMD proved that  users should go for Ryzen 1800x and save some money , it was side by side comparison and we have that on youtube and all over.

                But it's not same for AMD GPUs , again nothing but texts . and most likely it will remain the same .


                again , I'm a maya user and I don't know what "173% faster" from website means

                if it means rendering , sorry I'm not GPU render fan coz believe that GPU render is a big hoax

                if they've compared viewport perf that's good , show something , if vega FE is pro: compare NVIDIAS pro line  P5000 vs VEGA FE in maya/3d max

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                    I followed the entire AMD Ryzen launch with genuine deep interest, and watched the Live Stream where AMD gave some comparisons with Blender Runtime, BF1, and live streaming at the same time on a comparable cost CPU from Intel.


                    Then when the Ryzen CPU's were launched into the market, the independent reviewers went to work and gave the in depth benchmark results and findings, which were overall very positive.  Some reported game performance issue / optimizations needed for to Ryzen CPU's in some cases. Then after a few months the consensus seems to be that Ryzen is groundbreaking new technology that has changed the CPU market completely.


                    I have watched the launch of the Vega Frontier Edition card and it seems to be a similar situation to the Ryzen launch so far. Initial indications of some very positive performance results from AMD for "Radeon Pro" type applications, followed by initial reviews, which have just come out 1-2 days ago. I think more reviewers need to get their hands on the cards to do in depth performance analysis on the "Radeon Pro" type applications for this card. The reviews I have seen so far have been initial tear down, a look at power draw, and quick overview of Radeon Pro applications and a few games.


                    As far as the gaming mode performance on this card goes, It seems to perform between a GTX 1070-1080 based on early data. The focus of this card is not gaming and we have been told better drivers for gaming and better performance/ price will come with RX Vega Gaming Cards if gaming is your only need.

                    I think it is possible that the Gaming Mode Drivers are not optimal at presennt, and that performance might improve once the RX Vega for gaming along with it's drivers are launched at the end of this month.


                    I am really pretty excited about the Vega Frontier Edition card because it is more than just a gaming card, which will allow people like me to look at using other Radeon Pro type applications without the cost of a professional CAD card.


                    I have been waiting for the RX Vega for some time now, and I look forward to see how it performs versus a GTX 1080Ti / 1080, and also the price.
                    I will take my time to see how the RX Vega performs, and will look for more up to date reviews of how the Vega Frontier Edition performs in Gaming Mode
                    again after that.


                    AMD seem to be doing a great job of introducing some very innovative high performance CPU and GPU products  at a much more affordable price to the consumer. I think you should consider to give it more time, maybe another month or two for reviewers to get their hands on the Vega Frontier Edition card and give some more feedback to AMD and then see what happens with the next set of Vega Frontier Edition Drivers to address any "Radeon Pro" application performance results/improvements and maybe look at Gaming Mode performance again as well.



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                        I can't agree that launch of ryzen was same as GPU we are talking about

                        we knew that ryzen is capable of beat 6900k way far before it's launch , we saw videos and real benchmarks

                        and they did those numbers .


                        whereas , here we see different situation , we have GPU launched and it's on the market you can buy it today

                        it says 172% better in maya , while all benchmarks are opposite ... of course you can say drivers will arrive , well ok

                        then how did you that 172% gain if you have no drivers yet .

                        the problem is the way you trying to advertise your stuff , if you say it's better you need to prove it

                        otherwise you could just say it has a potential to be better but we still don't know .


                        it says some weird stuff about drivers , it will be done and will be optimized for pros

                        when it will be done ? what if you will buy that GPU for maya and AMD will optimize that GPU only for CAD oriented softs like solidworks and catya bench ? ,  and still will say it's pro because you can work in autocad and it's same in autocad as P5000 .


                        Can you imagine you're sitting in front of your PC and it won't load without performance lags because Ryzen drivers are not optimized for windows  .

                        when you have something to sell it should be ready for work .