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Can't get AMD VCE to work.

Question asked by hieuminhtorch on Jul 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by hieuminhtorch

For a while now (over a year), I can't get AMD VCE to work with my screen recording software. My setup is an AMD 8350 at stock and an MSI R9 280X also at stock. I've tried, OBS Studio, and AMD's own Radeon ReLive. Before all of the trouble happened, recorded gameplay at 1080p 60fps at a 15mbs bitrate just fine. Then problems started to arise (huge frame rate drops in the recording) and afterwards I found out that had switched to software encoding on the CPU judging by the near 99% CPU usage when playing games. I've tried reinstalling, along with my other recording software that I've tried (multiple times), reinstalling AMD drivers (also multiple times), and ended up reinstalling windows itself to try to solve the problem. So far, no luck. I eventually narrowed the problem down to the recording softwares using software (CPU) encoding instead of hardware based encoding using my R9 280X.


I've followed a forum on to find out what is actually using to encode on my computer:

How to read your Hardware Level for : Support 

TLDR: If I have a HW Level of 1, than AMD VCE is detected and working properly, but if I have a HW level of 4, than no hardware encoder can be found so software encoding is forced.

Unsurprisingly, I have a HW Level 4.


OBS Studio's Auto configuration utility that tries to configure the settings automatically based on the user's hardware chose these settings (picture attached):

So along with, OBS also chooses software encoding and there is no option in the settings to change to any other encoder.


I must also mention that due to problems with the latest drivers, I've rolled back to Radeon Software Version 16.6, but the problems still persist with the latest drivers as off the time of this post.


So, help?