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Titanfall 2 Colony Update Crashing On AMD 7950/70 - R9 280/280x

Question asked by bt7274 on Jul 1, 2017
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Do any AMD employees represent the company on this forum? I'd like to ask about the state of a fix for a big problem facing a lot of Titanfall 2 players. Since a game update in April, many users with one of a narrow set of GPUs have been experiencing very frequent game crashes, leaving the game virtually unplayable.

Crashing to desktop after Colony update.. — Titanfall 2 Forums

This problem affects a very limited set of GPUs (with a vast majority of affected users using a 7970, 280, or 280x) and there doesn't seem to be a fix as far as anybody knows. Many of us are becoming very frustrated with a lack of progress, and neither the game's developers nor AMD has been very transparent about the process of solving the issue. The developers have reported that AMD is aware of the issue and that a fix will probably arrive as a driver update from AMD, although as far as I can tell, Titanfall 2 not working has not shown up as a known issue on any driver patch notes, and it's been months since the problems began happening.


Is this issue known to AMD? Is a solution being worked towards? I would like to know these things so that I can share them with the Titanfall 2 community. Thanks in advance.


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