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    Can I install 2 different drivers versions?


      I currently have a 3 monitor setup which i use with my R9 295x2 to play spanned games. This works fine with the latest AMD drivers.

      I want to set up a 4th monitor for general internet usage whilst in the spanned games and for this I have an older R5 230.

      The problem is that the older card can't use the latest drivers.

      So is it possible for me to use the old radeon drivers (only the drivers with no software) for the old card and use the latest drivers and radeon software with the R9?

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          Without more information on your computer setup, Have you tried updating your old AMD Gpu through Device Manager?  In Device Manager under Display, It should show both of your AMD Graphics cards. See what version of AMD driver is installed for your older card. Then manually try to have Device Manager install the proper driver for your card. You can download the R5 drivers manually from AMD Support site. Then use Device Manager to install it from the AMD package driver setup.

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            I came to these forums to ask the same thing.

            AMD Graphics Card

                      AMD HD 6850

                      Onboard AMD 3000

            Desktop System

            Operating System

                 Windows 10 64bit HOME

            Driver version installed


            Display Devices

                 LG FLATRON L1742S

                 LG FLATRON L1718S


                 ASUS M5A78L-M LX3


                 AMD FX-4100




            I tried to use both cards but Windows forced the 15.201 version on both cards, the 6800 worked perfectly but the 3000 was not, I managed to force windows to use version 8.9 for the 3000 only and i managed to have one main desktop on the 6800 and an extended desktop on the 3000, but ALL games crashed on startup even the gaming apps like Steam and Battle.net.

            The Catalyst control center only recognised the 6800.