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    Gamma auto-change / Автоизменение гаммы


      Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.6.2 Driver

      When you start Windows 10, the picture on the screen is lighter than before. The problem appeared in 2017 with new drivers. If you go to the settings Radeon> Display> Virtual ultra-high resolution and change its gamma returns to the normal state. Running a video or any game in full-screen mode causes the gamma to automatically change, it becomes lighter again. When you turn off / on the devices in the video card, you can observe the same effect, the usual gamma / light gamma. Any gamma settings do not help, when you start a video or any game in full-screen mode, the gamma becomes lighter. In the settings of Windows 10, adaptive brightness adjustment is disabled. I've been using Radeon products for more than 10 years, but this is a very annoying problem for me.


      Драйвер Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.6.2

      При запуске Windows 10 картинка на экране светлее чем была раньше. Проблема появилась в 2017 году с новыми драйверами. При этом если зайти в настройки Radeon > Дисплей > Виртуальное сверхвысокое разрешение и поменять его гамма возвращается в обычное состояние. Запуск видео или любой игры в полноэкранном режиме привод к автоматическому изменению гаммы, она снова становиться светлее. При отключении/включении в устройствах видеокарты можно наблюдать тот же эффект, обычная гамма/светлая гамма. Любые настройки гаммы не помогают, при запуск видео или любой игры в полноэкранном режиме гамма становиться светлее. В настройках Windows 10 отключена адаптивная настройка яркости.  Я уже более 10 лет пользуюсь продукцией Radeon, но это проблема меня очень раздражает.

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          It is possibly a side effect of the new HDR feature introduced in the WIndows 10 Creators Update.

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              Now I have Windows 10 version 1703 build OS 15063.413. I read on the Internet that the Windows parameters have an HDR switch, but I did not find it. What can you advise?


              Сейчас у меня установлена Windows 10 версия 1703 сборка ОС 15063.413. Прочитал в интернете что в параметрах Windows есть переключатель HDR, но я его не нашел. Что можете посоветовать?

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                    • Graphics Card - AMD Radeon R9 290X
                    • Desktop or Laptop System - Desktop
                    • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64bit
                    • Driver version installed - Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.6.2
                    • Display Devices - Samsung SyncMaster BX2450(H) (Digital), 1920 x 1080 @60Hz, HDMI
                    • Motherboard + Bios Revision - Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H + BIOS AMI EFI, Version F2, SMBIOS Version 2.7
                    • CPU/APU - Intel Core i7-4770, 3400 MHz
                    • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage - FSP Epsilon FX600-GLN 600W
                    • RAM - 16 GB
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                      I have the same problem. When playing certain games (e.g. Prey) or using my HDMI Switch to switch to my PS4 and back to my PC, the brightness increases, and turning either Virtual Super Resolution or GPU Scaling on (or off) fixes the brightness temporarily.

                      I updated the driver version to fix the issue, but it didn't help (i think i was using 17.4.4 or 17.4.1 before).


                      Graphics Card - 2x AMD Radeon RX 480 (crossfire)

                      Desktop or Laptop - Desktop

                      OS - Windows 10 (64 bit)

                      Driver Version installed - 17.6.2

                      Display Devices - iiyama ProLite B2483HS 1920x1080 @60Hz / CSL - 4k HDMI Switch

                      CPU/APU - Intel Core i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz

                      Power Supply Unit Make, Model & Wattage - 850W Corsair CX850M 80+ Bronze

                      RAM - 16 GB


                      Edit: A friend of mine also uses an AMD graphics card, he tried to turn on Virtual Super Resolution for testing and that's when he got the same problem!

                      I think it was the same for me. I activated VSR to see what it does before i ran into this problem for the first time.

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                  Updated the driver to version 17.7.1. Problem still exists. I decided to check the additional settings, maybe there's something changed. I did not find any changes, but I tried to switch the format of the pixels. By default, YCbCr 4: 4: 4 is set, switched to RGB 4: 4: 4 (Full RGB system). And about the miracle everything became normal, the gamma is normal. During the week I will observe the system, whether this problem has been fixed completely or not.

                  Additional settings.jpg