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fast running noisy gpu fan after driver install

Question asked by silversdream on Jul 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2017 by rebelyell

I had a problem of a fast running and noisy fan

I returned my pc to the manufacturers who installed a new graphics card - Radeon R9 380 series

All was ok at first but after a windows 10 update the new grahics card fan started running at fast and noisy speeds (just like the one i had had replaced)

I worked with this for a while until one day i uninstalled windows 10 and re-installed windows 7 ( The noisy fan really was annoying me )

Everything seemed to be ok and so i have used windows 7 for the past few weeks

Then after checking in device manager i noticed the grahic card driver was a std driver

I went onto AMD website and used the automatic detect and install to update my driver to AMD Radeon R9 380 series

As soon as i restarted the pc the fast running noisy fan was back ( This starts as soon as the windows logo goes off the screen)

So having thought it was a windows 10 problem i now have the same problem under windows 7

I have updated the Bios and used Easydriver to update all other drivers

Having eliminated everything else its obviously caused by the graphic card driver

Please can you advise me what to try next as i am losing the will to live !

Many thanks

Paul Silverwood