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Installed 17.6.2 Now My Fans Aren't Spinning

Question asked by mikey3808 on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by amdmatt

This morning I installed the newest version of crimson (17.6.2) from (17.6.1) i believe thats correct and uninstalled with DDU ect everything went fine.

I opened my game after adjusting some visual setting in radeon settings.  Noticed i have no more than 100fps from a usual 300+ fps.
I then noticed my fans ( no matter what temp was ) were not spinning at all. I restarted uninstalled 100 times. Did clean install on about 10 previous drivers and now fans

will not work with any of them..... The problem here is WITHOUT any drivers installed the fans spin fine.  I am kinda desperate here as i was simply updating my drivers and now my GPU is un-usable.
I have asus crosshair V motherboard
amd fx 8320
32gb HyperX ram
800W Seasonic PSU

144hz viewsonic monitor Freesync enabled.


I am almost positive the low FPS is because the card is heating up so fast. The game im using to test this is Counterstrike GO.


Please help me as I have tried almost everything i can think of?


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