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    AMD broke my configuration AGAIN.


      I was using a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter so that I could play my games at 4K/60Hz. Everything was working fine for months. I bought a new Ryzen motherboard and CPU as an upgrade to my FX-8350 and everything was still working. I had to update my drivers to gain some needed functionality. Now I can't get the adapter to work anymore. I'm running a pair of 290s. I've checked around the net and it would seem that this was intentional on AMDs  part. ***!!!! I've been running AMD for 20 years but this type of crap has been an issue with my last 2 systems.

      Does anyone have a work around for this issue. AMD is not responding to my emails and I figured I would give it one more try before I go buy a 1080ti. I was going to go with the new Vega but AMDs lack of support is just getting too frustrating.

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              Describe your system:

              • AMD Graphics Card
                • Make and model: XFX R9 290 double dissipation (X2).
              • Desktop
              • Operating System: Windows 10 64bit
              • Driver version installed: Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.0.0 through 17.6.2
              • Display Devices: Vizio D50U-D1 Club active DP to HDMI adapter
              • Motherboard + Bios Revision: Asus Crosshair VI Hero + 1201
              • CPU/APU: AMD Ryzen 1700
              • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage: EVGA 1200 G2 1200 watt
              • RAM: 2x8 Corsair DDR4 3000


              Describe your issue:

              Ever since the driver version 16.? the DP to HDMI is unable to display 4K. There is a message that pops up stating there is a link error and the screen defaults to 1080/60hz. I can display 4K/30Hz on the HDMI port but am unable to achieve 4K/60Hz due to the driver issue.

              I am currently using a program called CRU.exe. It allow 4K/60Hz on the DP to HDMI but it has to be reset each computer start.

              On a side note:

              A driver update broke my Eyefinity configuration that kept me from upgrading to Windows 10 for over a year. When I swapped that configuration for a 4K screen; that solved my problems; only to now have this issue introduced with the latest drivers that I have to use with my new processor.

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                  You have quite a lot going on here - have you previously been able to run 4K (@ 60Hz!) with the same cables and adapter on Windows 10? Just asking because I have a HTPC which had a cheap $20 Cable Matters DP to HDMI adapter which stopped working after a few months; it worked fine for videos etc as long as it was under 30Hz - anything over and the display would simply reset. I ended up with a few different adapters and so far one made by UPTab is still working great.


                  Have you tried resetting your drivers with the AMD Driver Removal tool or DDU? I would also try running without CRU and using the Radeon Settings to configure Eyefinity.

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                      Yes I was able to run 4K/60 with a Sabertooth 990FX/FX-8350 combo. It wasn't until the MB/CPU upgrade that necessitated a driver update that this problem arose. I did a clean install of Windows 10 and all of my drivers.

                      After searching the internet I found that several people are having this same issue which is how I found the the registry editor GUI (CRU.exe) program.

                      You are only able to run 4K at 30Hz? That sucks...

                      I no longer have an Eyefinity setup because a driver update broke the functionality of that configuration. As long as I used the pre 14.1 drivers it worked, but any drivers after that did not allow my particular setup (3 Coby 50" 1080p TVs) to continue to function properly. Which kept me from being able to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade.

                      I submitted several (about 7) support tickets to AMD yet they never responded to any of them. Which is why I'm here in the forum. If AMD actually read/responded to any of my tickets the problems I'm having/had may have been solved.

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                          I can run 4K @60Hz - after I replaced the cheap DP-HDMI adapter. Even on my 4k monitors, if I use a cheap HDMI cable, it automatically drops me down to 30Hz, so I've been running DPs whenever possible.


                          I mainly asked the questions because a lot of it wasn't clear to me - I would give as much background information as possible (in regards to your current issue) when contacting AMD if it can't be resolved here, just to avoid back and forth questioning to see where the problem could be.


                          The only reason I recommended running without CRU is to limit possible conflicts, in this case CRU adds custom resolutions which may or may not conflict with standard Eyefinity setups. In my original response I also recommended double checking the adapter and also testing basic connectivity.



                          1. Disable/remove/uninstall CRU

                          2. Swap cables (you're just testing after all and eliminating this)

                          3. Swap adapter or bypass it altogether (again, basic connectivity).

                          4. On your TV make sure it doesn't have any limitations as far as the signal is concerned. I know your TV support 122Hz refresh, but that doesn't mean it supports all inputs - out of the box) - if necessary, update your TV's firmware.


                          I'm not saying that there are no issues with Radeon Settings/drivers, but you want to eliminate as many other points of failure before throwing a bunch of "fixes" at the problem. Windows 10 Creators update isn't error proof either - make sure ALL drivers are up to date as well. On this system I have 2 x Dell UP3216Q 4K monitors via DP and Eyefinity, and a 3rd 1080p monitor without any issues; I haven't since I built the system a couple of months ago.


                          I hope you get this figured out as it sounds like basic connectivity issues, and I know how frustrating this can be.

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                              Thank you for the suggestions yet I've already covered all of the connectivity bases. I am an automotive driveability diagnostician by trade. Verifying proper connectivity is the first step in any diagnostic procedure.

                              It is my understanding that AMD did have registry settings that supported 4K/60Hz via a DP to HDMI adapter but removed it from later drivers. This is evidenced by the fact that my configuration worked on earlier drivers. Also the fact that I can regain this functionality with a registry tweak further indicates that AMD made an adjustment or omission in their latest driver as opposed to a connectivity issue.

                              AMD may have omitted HDMI 2.0 over DP support from the drivers when they added HDMI 2.0 ports to their hardware. if this is the case I would like them to re-enable this functionality so that I may continue to use my current hardware configuration until the time that I should choose to upgrade.

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                                  There's an easy way to find out (for me). I'll bring home the adapter to test it out and I'll post back.

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                                      Actually found an old adapter - it actually works still, strange. Anyway, I'm on it (Accel dp to hdmi) and I'm on 17.6.2 drivers; Unless there's something strange going on with my drivers, AMD has not taken this out.


                                      Where did you read about the AMD registry settings for 4K/60Hz support? And also which adapter are you using? I just found my old review on Amazon - search for B086B-011B - that's the exact model I have.


                                      amdmatt is this something you could help answer? Has support for HDMI 2 (via a DP to HDMI adapter) been removed from current drivers - because this is still working for me.

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                                          So you are running 4K/60Hz using an active DP to HDMI adapter on a GPU that doesn't natively support HDMI 2.0? So if you ran CRU it would have 3840x2160 @ 60Hz in the highlighted box in this pic by default. For my XFX 290 cards 3840x2160 @ 60Hz was not a listed option. What video card are you running?


                                          I found this fix in a forum where many people had the same issue arise with a driver update. This is how I found out about this tool.



                                          I Beleave 40k @ 60hz is no longer possible as they have remove a feature they added in 15.11 WHQL - DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 support (Or Broken/Bugged)

                                          With Out this feature your r9 290 is limited to HDMI 1.4a Which will only Go to 4k@30hz.

                                          I have not found Anything After 16.8.3 http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/previous/detail?os=Windows%2010%20-%2064&rev=16.8.3

                                          The Feature DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 support Dose Not Work anymore (4k@60hz)

                                          6 Drivers Have Came out Since this and they are all missing DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 support.

                                          So this DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 support only affects People using a Dongle like the Club3d Onces.

                                          People Using Displayport 1.3 Should Be fine and the Rx 480 has (Hdmi 2.0b 4K@50/60)

                                          Peace Out


                                          Edit 1



                                          I Have Found a Fix to 4k @ 60hz Using CRU (custom resolution utility) to add HDMI 2.0 Support. Aimed @ Peeps using (Club 3d Active adapter to Hdmi 2.0)

                                          Steps I took

                                          1. Run Cru.exe as admin

                                          2. (Extension Block) click on CEA-861 and edit

                                          3. (Data Block) click on Hdmi Support and delete then click add HDMI 2.0 support n ok and again ok

                                          4. (Data Blobk) click on Tv Resolution and edit

                                          5. click add then select 3840x2160 from drop down box. select 60hz (16.9) check native format click ok then again ok

                                          6. click ok

                                          7 click ok again and run restart64.exe or (optional) don't press ok add resolution so 3840x2160 is the (recommended) Tagged in windows. (games Start on the Native Resolution) or what ever windows says recommended resolution is. (see step 8)

                                          7.1 if you skipped adding native resolution see step 10.

                                          8. (Detailed resolution) Click Add, Auto LCD native drop down box, 3840x2160 60hz, interlaced should be unchecked already, click ok then 3840x2160 highlighted blue click the up arrow button to move it to the top.

                                          9. click ok and run restart64.exe                  (F8) if all fails (black screen for more than 5min)

                                          10. right click Desktop, advanced display settings, resolution should be 3840x2160 if you did the optional step if not 1920x1080 in which case select 3840x2160, click display adapter properties, click monitor tab, you should be able to select 60hz then click ok.


                                          After doing all of this it worked even without the optional step.

                                          Notes (CRU)


                                          1. Forcing 3840x2160@60hz with 300mhz (HDMI Support) set will make sound buzz. (even in Amd Driver as we need 600 as 4k@60hz with sound 6 channel Dts uses 594.00 mhz

                                          2. Setting Hdmi 2.0 without changing tv resolution makes 4k @ 30hz

                                          3. setting tv resolution for 4k @ 60hz brings the resolution  back to windows to select and set 60hz

                                          4. adding detailed resolution will set default resolution in windows (which ever resolution is at the top will become the native recommended resolution in windows) - most games default to native resolution

                                          5. Driver Update Restore Monitor Profile so you have to do it all again to get 4k Back, (i'm on 16.11.5)


                                          Peace Out"



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                                              You have point - I am running RX-480's on this system so everything I said about the test is useless. I'd have to swap out an older card on my HTPC or test bench to retest, so I'll be digging out some Gigabyte R9-290's tomorrow.


                                              In the mean time let's try to get AMD's folks on this.

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                                                W10 advanced display setting, check list all modes comp., also icc profiles set correct(match in secondary icc prof.).

                                                You may also want to post a query on tenforums.com

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                                                  This is going in the test bench today. I only have 1 left but that should do just fine for this test.


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                                                    Ok - 4K listings without any major issues (except having to move a freaking 4K display all over the place!). Update drivers, stop messing with CRU (I had nothing special installed for this).


                                                    PS, I'm not using an adapter of any sorts either - straight DP to display. I will update this with the adapter.


                                                    Thank you amdmatt for clarifying about driver exclusions!

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                                                        When you say that you are not using an adapter does that mean your display has a DP connection or are you using a cable with DP on 1 end and HDMI on the other? My monitor does not have a DP connection and from what I have read the adapter has to be an active type so a basic DP to HDMI cable won't work.

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                                                            That's correct - I'm on a direct DP connection - The monitor I'm using for this is a Dell UP3216Q (4K) which does not support HDMI @60Hz (it has to go through DP for that). I am picking up that adapter from work later on so I can test it on the TV.

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                                                              Quick question: are you plugged into HDMI 5? That's the only port that supports 4K@60Hz. I don't own that specific model, but it's worth a try.

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                                                                  Yes I am in HDMI-5. As you noted that this is the only plugin that supports 4K/60. The only output on the card that supports 4K/60 is the DP output. Therefore the ONLY way for me to realize 4K/60 is with an active DP to HDMI 2.0 adapter. Any other configuration you try has no bearing on the issue at hand.

                                                                  Matt's statement did not address whether or not the DP to HDMI adapter is still being supported. Had he said that this configurations was in fact still being supported in the drivers I would know that I need to look somewhere else for the cause if this issue. I don't think that he can truthfully make that statement. Also, His statement was ncorrect because I have a 15 year old AIO card that no longer receives driver supported. Support for that card was intentionally removed. AMD may have chosen to drop support for the DP to HDMI adapter when they started using HDMI 2.0 on their cards. Was it to drive sales of their Freesync technology or just an oversight on their part. Who knows. I just need confirmation whether or not the adapter is still being supported.

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                                                                      thick8 Plugged it in DPI to HDMI out and it works! It even works on the Dell display that doesn't support HDMI @ 60Hz. This is on the Gigabyte R9 290 card I used for the test above, on Radeon driver version 17.6.2, Windows 10 Pro Creators update.


                                                                      Again, stop messing with CRU - this is a default installation of Windows, no "helper" apps, etc. So with this test I can undeniably confirm that the drivers were NOT altered nor has DP to HDMI adapter support removed by AMD.


                                                                      20170708_131017.jpg Updated  corrected an annoying spelling error.

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                                                              No, we'd never intentionally remove support.

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                                                                  Hi Matt,

                                                                  I saw your posts in the HDMI 2.0 thread from a few years back in which you mentioned that active DP to HDMI 2.0 adapters would solve the 4K/60Hz issue. I purchased and am using the adapter you referenced in that thread. It did work; it no longer does.Nor does the replacement one that I purchased to eliminate the adapter as the cause of the issue. Can you confirm that the support for the adapter is still part of the AMD graphics driver and that it applies to my GPU?