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    How do I downgrade from Relive


      Ok so I updated my graphics drivers about a week ago and before I updated I was able to get more than 60 FPS on Black Ops 3 on my R7 360 but after updating I can only get a consistent 40 FPS and it really ruins the experience. Also the AMD software says that I need a better graphics card to run BO3 at 60 FPS which is bs because I have run BO3 up to 120 FPS in the past. Long story short how do I downgrade from AMD relive to my previous driver.

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          It has been a while since I had a Radeon graphics, but my gues is that the ReLive broadcasting features may be doing something to make your PC unhappy.


          Try removing all ReLive stuff from your PC.  Try using this utility to be sure that EVERYTHING is wiped w/ no residuals:

          Display Driver Uninstaller Download version


          and then use the *Minimal* driver which is only the core components w/ none of the ReLive stuff. It can be downloaded here:




          Hope this helps.



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            The Relive (DVR) part of the Crimson drivers is turned off by default. So it should not use GPU resources by default. If you are on windows 10 the Microsoft Xbox DVR could be messing around.


            2017-06-30 12_51_19-RADEON SETTINGS.png

            Here is how to disable Xbox DVR Disabling Xbox DVR in Windows 10 - Documentation - Knowledge Base - Steam Support

            Check the settings of the game maybe they are on ultra and you played on high or medium settings.

            If you want to uninstall Crimson Relive here is the AMD guide How To Uninstall Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition from a Windows Based System

            Then install the version of Crimson Relive, Crimson or Catalyst driver you choose.

            Other way to uninstall is to use DDU, but this can uninstall other AMD drivers (like chipset drivers), so you have to reinstall chipset drivers and GPU drivers again.

            DDU can be downloaded here: Official Display Driver Uninstaller DDU Download

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                kxuping The Relive (DVR) part of the Crimson drivers is turned off by default. So it should not use GPU resources by default



                With Adrenalin drivers (18.5.1), Relive has not been installed (don't said "turn on"), however it is visible in Task Manager… Hummm, ***


                Edit : I downgrade to reinstall old Crimson drivers (17.11.1 whql) without hardware setting (because Relive is behind) and the framerate has increased from 50 fps to 70 fps in my game F1 2016. Yes, my opinion is the same as yours...

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                    Interesting thought, thanks you for bringing  in.
                    Can you share your system specs?
                    Are you sure that installing the driver only, bring this performance gain?
                    Did you tried to install the latest drivers manually without the AMD setting and DVR installed.
                    Did you get this gain in other games installing the old drivers without Relive?


                    Another explanation would point out on increased cpu usage instead gpu usage when installing the AMD settings, Relive.
                    Can you also check your cpu utilisation with and without the AMD suite?

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                        Certainly, the specifications of my system are Core 2 Quad Q9650 3GHz (OC 3.6), DDR2 RAM 8GB, RADEON HD 7950 3B, SSD 250

                        As you can see, it's an old computer that is very sensitive to the slightest variation in performance, which allows me to immediately see what's wrong with a configuration.

                        What made me suspect the drivers was that my processor at its initial frequency of 3 GHz, gave me an identical number of fps on the same processor overclocked at 3.6 GHz. What was wrong? The GPU was not at its peak, about 60 to 70%, and the CPU 80% max. I tested all possible combinations, asking the drivers to replace the application settings, and so on. but the weirdest thing was that with the Vsync ON I had more fps ?! At that moment, I really thought it could be the drivers.

                        Results, between the Adrenalin 18.51 drivers with the AMD settings and the Crimson 17.11.1 without AMD settings, I have a 30% gain or about 20 fps in this game with the old drivers.

                        But, I must thank you for asking me a few questions, because in trying to answer you as seriously as possible, I redid the installations / uninstalls of the drivers and ... with the new drivers 18.9.1, the problem is gone !! ! In fact, I think the Vsync has been locked for some reason, an invalid parameter somewhere. This explains the loss of fps from one driver to another, this is the only possible explanation. You did not do anything, but I must thank you again, without you and your questions, I will continue to believe that it is a problem of non-optimized drivers or software overlay brought by Relive, when in fact, it was the Vsync activated somewhere ;-)

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                            You are welcome.
                            And i understand you, i share your same feeling about old stuff, i notice performances changes right the way.

                            Remember there is also a tool called DDU to clean the drivers before installing the news ones, it often help restore clean default.
                            As for testing, just build your own testing suite with some quick test as you did now, save the result and repeat with news drivers.
                            It's always fun to bench news drivers and games, but as you noticed it's pretty easy to fall for a game, gpu setting.

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                      run DDU in safe-mode
                      install your "chosen-one" driver


                      btw - in my opinion that only happens when a driver update went wrong on your machine - OR if AMD drops DX support for older titles etc

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                        Yeah, Relive might be a bit noticeable on that R7-360 card.  I can still feel the drop even on this RX 480 (last time I tried Relive), plus I get some sort of strange audio out of sync issue with it, in it's recordings.