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Memory Controller rx580 always on 100% even while idle. Is this correct?

Question asked by shueui on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by synth9927

Dear Reader,


According to GPU-Z the memory controller load on my RX 580 is always on 100% load, even while idle.

The other values (like GPU core clock, memory Clock, fan speed etc.) are all going down to idle values.

I already restarted the PC.


Now I am curious, is it correct/normal that the usage of the memory controller is always 100%? It seems strange to me


My system is:


MotherBoard: AB350 Gaming3

Ram: 16GB @2933

PSU: 550W

Monitor: 1only

GPU: RX580

OS: Windown 10 Home X64

AMD DRIVER: 17.6.2


Thanks in advance for your help.