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Global settings don't save and context menus aren't working

Question asked by snowcore on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by snowcore

Hello, I have a laptop with AMD Radeon R5 M230 graphics inside (actually, Windows Device Manager displays it as Radeon HD 8500M). I have installed the latest ReLive version of driver (17.6.2), but it seems, that I can't change my global profile settings (they reset after rebooting Windows). Also, when I right click AMD tray icon and try to change Graphics Profile, it doesn't change, it stays with the User Value graphics profile checked.

Previously, I used Crimson 16.11.5 and everything was ok. I thought, that my current problem is local and I've reverted back to 16.11.5 and everything was good. I updated to 17.6.2 version, now through Radeon Settings instead of clean install. Issues are still persist.

I'm using Windows 10 Creators Update, for a better compatibility I must have latest Radeon graphics driver installed. I just want to solve those problems, because saving my global profile settings changes makes a big deal for me.

Laptop specs: Intel Core i7-4510U with latest Intel HD 4400 graphics driver installed, 8 GB RAM, x64-bit Windows 10 Creators Update OS (Version 1703).