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radeon settings crash Windows 10 -- breaks Remote Desktop

Question asked by tscales on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by ray_m



Dell Precision T3500

Windows 10 Pro

Dual Xeon W3670 processors

Radeon 7700

Radeon RX 460

32GB memory


I am having two related problems.

First, the Radeon settings app crashes about 5 minutes after boot.


If I remote desktop into another Windows 10 machine BEFORE the crash, it works.
If I remote desktop AFTER the crash, I get an error "Failed to reconnect to your session"


Reboot, same issue.


I can ALWAY RDP into a Windows 7 machine, even after the crash.


I have tried the latest drivers and backlevel to the last 'not optional' driver.

I uninstalled, turned off Windows automatic install, and reinstalled.


NOTHING works.


This is frustrating as heck and I can't work!