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Dual monitor flicker when overclocking

Question asked by imasundaj on Jun 29, 2017
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I have an R9 280X cooled by a customer watercooling loop. (Temperatures never go above 49 °C while running furmark)

It is overclocked to 1170/1700. (I found this to be stable)

I'm using Windows 7 and Crimson 17.6.2.


My problem is, that when the card is overclocked, and both the displays are used, the screen flickers.

When I disable the overclock, there's no problem.


I noticed, that when both displays are active, the clock speeds go up to 500/1500. (No overclock)

But when overclocking is active, the clock speeds stay at idle (300/150), even when both the displays are active.


I tried using MSI afterburner, set up a profile for 2D, but it didn't help. Clock speeds stay at idle.

I also tried this with the Crimson Overdrive utility, but the issue is still the same.


So if the card is overclocked, and both displays are active, the clock speeds of the GPU stay at idle (300/150), instead of the increased (500/1500). And this causes the flickering.


I'd like to keep the overclock on the card, but whenever I want to use both displays, I just can't.


Please be so kind and help me. Is there a fix for this?